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About Kev

Welcome! I'm an IT enthusiast with a rich 19-year journey in steering strategic IT initiatives and driving digital transformations. My expertise lies in the realms of IT consulting, adept project management, and workflow improvements.

Leading diverse, cross-functional teams, I'm all about enhancing operational efficiency and fostering business growth. Dive into my world of IT adventures and let's explore how technology can be a game-changer for your business!

IT Strategy

    • 90%

Digital Transformation

    • 85%

Project Management

    • 85%

Cloud Technologies

    • 77%

Learning & Development

    • 75%

Vendor Management / Negotiation

    • 90%


    • 90%

Selected work


Technical Learning & Development Manager
at aYo Holdings - 2023

Led strategic L&D initiatives and digital onboarding across multiple regions, focusing on integrating digital solutions and agile methods. Drove process optimizations and technical team enhancements, aligning IT strategies with business goals.


Innovation Lead
at Farrarmere - 2020-2022

Led the strategic integration of technology in educational settings, focusing on modernizing IT infrastructure and instructional methods. Championed digital transformation and seamless change management.


IT Director
at Aston Manor- 2004-2019

Oversaw all aspects of IT development and planning, playing a key role in network management, IT growth, and staff IT development.


IT Consultant & Host
at Schoolscape - 2018-2022

Technical lead of events which host thousands of attendees and multiple vendors. Classroom creation for the event. Public Speaker at the event


UX Consultant
at EduBlox- 2015-2017

Worked with Professor Helene Gelderblom to develop an online platform for learning.